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Classical massage is the most traditional and most common type of massage based on Swedish massage. According to the customer's wishes and needs can be done as a female to male full body massage in delhi, as well as different parts of the body. Classic massage activates particular blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces the headache and muscle aches. The massage is increased as a result of the body's resistance to disease. Massage has a relaxing, both mental and physical stress. The massage is the main purpose of improving the oxygen supply to the tissue and remove toxins from the body, to recover the lost energy, the muscle tone corrected. The effect is used in accordance with the techniques of either relaxing or invigorating. Classical massage techniques involve itself silitamisi of the skin and subcutaneous tissue friction, muscle bruising vibration and a variety of light impaction techniques. After the massage, it is advisable to drink tea or mineral water, medicine, and a few hours of not eating.

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