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We recommend the 'Full Body Massage' - Available at New Delhi Area. Our female & male specialists perform massages of the whole body, head, neck, back, feet, face, neck - relaxing, with massage with coconut, cinnamon, roses and other valuable oils.

Address: HS-41, 1st Floor, Metro Station Gate No-2, Kailash Colony, Delhi - 110048 (Above Bank of Baroda)

+91 9205404476

Our extensive range of wellness packages can always be combined with a very good sauna use. Check out our offer of wellness in combination with lodging.

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Body Treatments

During this time we have grown with you and improve our techniques and treatments to meet the needs of our clients. Our body massage in kailash colony delhi treatments are developed and designed for each person, ie custom. For every customer makes an exhaustive study to offer the treatment that best suits him.

Spa Treatments

According treatment or technique chosen live different experiences and sensations. So at Wellness spa in kailash colony we intend to enjoy our medicinal mineral waters. We offer a range of services and spa treatments and adapt to the personal situation of each client (anti-stress, relax, rebirthing ...) under the supervision of our medical team, if necessary.

Massage Treatments

Exercise generates toxic elements that may be on tissues and muscles and can prevent a good muscular movement. To this is called fatigue. body massage in kailash colony delhi removes these toxic elements and thus renews muscular potential. All our massages are highlighted with 100% natural products, sweet almond oil and essences of the highest quality.


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Spa Facilities

Indulge in a complete spa experience at rajouri garden delhi which offers an over water treatment rooms and a herbal bathroom.

Wellness Massage Centre offers a wide range of wellness packages. We have a simple but very cozy original Finnish sauna. Also check out our special, fun, sauna packages, they are definitely worth booking at a sauna package.
Our saunas are obligatory stop in your circuit space origins. Eliminates toxins through sweat and muscle tension off the site in the Finnish style. Do not leave without a dip in the cold shower, your body will thank contrast!

Wellness Massage Centres is a retreat style studio. Offering professional massage treatments. The spa is located on the waste gate mall only 5 minutes from Rajouri Garden Metro Station. Day Clinical Hours. Mon-Sun 10am - 9pm
About Studio

Massage bath tub that allows both feet on the back. Jets of varying heights make a massage to all parts of the body. The final point is the area to relax, chill out with a white day beds, magazines and scented candles to enjoy a spa secrets.
The Jacuzzi
More Massage Gallry

To heal others with the human hand and human heart.

Bath with a full body massage in delhi - we all call it a "jacuzzi". This is not quite right, as it is actually a water-massage massage bath, but not just by the aforementioned company. The procedure is immersion in a special bathtub that has a body-like shape. The water is high temperature, but you choose and regulate it. From several directions underwater, powerful, warm water jets erupt, which in some models of bathtubs have the ability to rotate, change the shape of the jet as well as its intensity. All these "goodies" are in the control of the relaxer. What about the bubbles? In most vans, the underwater stream contains a certain percentage of air that gives a unique relaxing bubbling. The most modern bathtubs offer the chance to change the percentage of air in the underwater stream to allow the person to experiment with the bubbles to discover the perfect balance.

Full Body Massage with Shower

Bed of hot water through a water jets internal, adjustable pressure, perform a full body massage.